Face Painting


Face Painting

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What should I expect?

Our face painter will arrive, set up shop, and paint away. We will bring a “menu” of artwork, others will ask the paint-ee for ideas. Either way, you’ll be getting a trove of different colors, a couple of paint brushes, an artist to wield their wares with precision, and (most obviously) a mirror or two to check yourself out post-painting.

How many faces can be painted per hour?

Tough question (as some designs are more elaborate than others)! Generally speaking, our artist can paint 10 - 13 faces per hour. Having a smaller party? Perfect! The more time our artist has per person, the more extreme the artwork will be!

On the day of the event, what do I need to provide?

One small table and two chairs!

Is there an hourly minimum?

We typically have a 1.5 hour minimum for all Face painters.

IMPORTANT: Please contact Us  and check the availability prior to booking the service online.